KIDYALARM Educational alarm clock


The KIDYALARM is more than just an ordinary alarm clock. It was designed to help your child learn to tell time. This educational clock will grow with your child thanks to its 3 interchangeable and evolving dials: one dial (from 6 years old) associates colors with full hours, while the other two dials (8 & 10 years old) help understand the concept of hours and minutes. Its shape is reminiscent of infinity.

Exclusively available for pre-order. KIDYMUSIC deliveries will start on November 10, 2023.

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An educational alarm clock for children that combines the readability of an analog dial with the convenience of a digital display.

Learning to tell time in both analog and digital ways.

Your child will thus be able to grow with a clock that will allow them to gradually learn to read the time with colors, numbers, and, as they grow, with the digital display.

Readable in the dark and radiation-free.

The alarm clock, whose shape resembles infinity, illuminates in the darkness. It emits no waves during your children’s sleep.

Educational and playful approach to learning about time

Initially, your child will discover the concept of time using colors, then gradually become familiar with numbers and numerals, enabling them to understand the concepts of minutes, morning, and afternoon.

Three dials are included to customize the alarm clock according to your children’s age.:

*Initial dial: suitable from 6 years
*Dial with colored numbers: recommended from 8 years
*Classic dial: recommended from 10 years


Bright electronic display

Alarm with two possible settings


Powered by USB-C

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