Who is behind all this ?

KIDYWOLF is a Belgian brand founded by a group of childhood friends.
Creating here and together

A brand 100% dreamed of in Belgium

Family, sharing and conviviality are important values that we wish to spread within the homes of our KIDYLOVERS because they give meaning to our daily lives.

Many important notions are integrated through play when growing up. Our aim is not only to keep children busy and entertained. KIDYWOLF wants to encourage their physical, mental, social and emotional development.

Welcome to our world.

Appareil photo pour enfant – KIDYWOLF – La marque belge de jouets pour enfants


We decided to create a new brand that offers Design and Fun toys.
KIDYWOLF was born at the beginning of 2019 and will continue to amaze you.

“KIDY’ is about these young people who are not yet teenagers.


For the wolf, the family is essential, as it is for us. They live in packs and take care of each other.

Wolves are tolerant animals and accept other lone wolves in their pack.

The wolf pack


I always liked to dream as a child and if KIDYWOLF allows me to share my dreams, then my goal is achieved. Not to mention that in the team I am the youngest dad with the most humour.


Sales representative
During my childhood, my dream was to make people laugh and bring joy to others. I love to make jokes and that’s why April 1st is my favourite day.


Sales support
I am often told that I am a child who has had two children. For me, this is the best compliment. Every day I try to cultivate this part of madness and carefreeness with a lot of humour and kindness.


I am the free spirit of the team, I love to spend time with KIDYTEAM after work. Irony and fun are my best friends. I like to laugh, it makes me feel younger.


Industrial designer
When I was a child, my father used to take me to work, where he was asked to test electric trains. Today, as an adult, I have many memories of this that I continue to share with my children.


Sales representative
When it comes to putting my foot down, I tend to jump in with both feet! But with style and above all with a smile.


I’m the oldest of the KIDYWOLF creators, but that doesn’t stop me from being a child, especially when I’m playing jokes on Nico & Gary.


Communication officer
I first met KIDYTEAM at an afterwork organised by @follecomm and fell in love with KIDYCONCEPT.